Casey Jones: Just like April, Leo and you may Casey usually do not display very often

Casey Jones: Just like April, Leo and you may Casey usually do not display very often

In the latest event, A feet Too-big, Leo and Casey were the fresh barn chuckling along with her about the laughs these people were making on Bigfoot. Plus in The latest Intrusion, April, Donnie, Raph, and you can Mikey, took place to your sewers to search for sensei, when you’re Casey stayed with Leo throughout the van went to help you select his friends. However,, Leo is unconsious thus they have zero memories away from whenever you to had occurred.


Shredder: Out-of all turtles, Leonardo has had many interactions which have Shredder; each of them very antagonistic and adversarial. Inside the Wormquake!, Shredder taunts your to watch Splinter pass away when he had Tiger Claw just take and you can poison the latest ninjitsu learn, in addition to informing your that it’ll end up being the history endeavor he previously observes. In the Legend of your Kuro Kabuto, Leo produced a take on Shredder between the exchanging away from Karai (and therefore turned out to be a-bomb) for the Kuro Kabuto, but Shredder episodes your, refusing to let the students ninja exit as opposed to a fight. On Attack, when Shredder finds out that Leo might have been separated out-of his brothers, Shredder tunes your off and you can delivers Foot-bots just after him, sadistically trying to “find your suffer” in advance of eliminating your. During this period, he says one to Leo try foolish and you will overconfident because of their youngsters. Whenever Leo beats all of Shredder’s lieutenants, Shredder himself hits him unconscious and contains your taken away. From inside the Serpent Search, Leo briefly argues having Shredder on their “parentage” over Karai. Has just, for the Casey Jones Vs. Brand new Underworld, given that Leo engages Shredder an additional ferocious battle from the Auman Agents factory, the guy states that he is likely to stop Shredder once and you can for all. Due to this fact, Shredder may despise Leo more the other turtles if you find yourself Leo ount regarding disdain to have Shredder compared to all of their most other opposition.

Tiger Claw: Due to the fact villain’s very first appearance on the New york Enterprise, Leo keeps frequently discovered Tiger Claw and you can involved your during the handle each other having and in place of their brothers. On Manhattan Endeavor, Leo is pinned regarding behind from the Tiger Claw when he attempted in order to rescue Splinter and you can prior to the guy tried to draw his weapons towards the Shredder, merely to eliminate his grip because of the arrival from Raphael and you may Michelangelo. You to same occurrence, Leo temporarily fought having Tiger Claw (also handling so you’re able to shock him that have an invisible gun in one from their Katana) and you can managed to kick him out of Splinter as he had the fresh new advanced ninja learn pinned. In the Wrath off Tiger Claw, once Leo is defeated along with his brothers, Tiger Claw desired to become your out-of earliest, however, is actually ready to help Karai get it done rather. On Attack, no matter if exhausted and you can weakened regarding attacking Kraang and you can Legs Spiders, Leo interested Tiger Claw (and additionally Rahzar and you may Fishface) as well as were able to beat your having one to kick.

Karai: Leonardo ‘s the to begin this new Turtles that Karai meets, and you can was also romantically attracted to this lady. When you are she episodes and matches which have him tend to, she never does your people serious spoil and simply keeps sparring which have a deserving adversary.

Fungi Humungous: Leo proved highly susceptible to the brand new spores regarding Fungus Humungous, which introduced his concern with failing their party just like the an excellent frontrunner

Transformed into a snake, she slitherered outside of the building, inaudible in order to Leo’s needs the lady to quit. Leo attributed themselves for what taken place in order to Karai upcoming. He instantly consumed a dark colored, brooding personality from the event. There is also not a clue if the she can nonetheless consider who Leo was due to their mutation.

Close to the prevent of one’s episode, Leo was permitting April up particular hill rocks as he thanked their. She questioned him what for, and then he replied you to however remain in the barn in the event that perhaps not on her, and you to definitely she very determined your. April receive this sort and hugged.

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